Meet The Team



Nicholas is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and moved to New Orleans in 2013. He is an Irish Whiskey Connoisseur who enjoys beers from local Breweries. You can catch him at night working downstairs at the head of the main bar!



Jeff is originally from Howard, South Dakota. Jeff has been with us since 2001. He's a great guy who knows his way around the quarter. Come hang out with him sometime.



Jake loves to have a good time and can always put a smile on your face. Jake moved to New Orleans in 2009. Come see him sometime, he's usually bartending upstairs.



Ruey moved to NOLA four years ago, he's originally from Santa Cruz, CA. Loves plants, daddies, cooking and playing volleyball. Collects rare aroids. You can find him floating around the bar and sometimes singing karoake.


Mikaila is originally from Burlington, Vermont but moved here from Tallahasee, Florida. She now lives in the bywater and enjoys the local scene. Mikailas favorite drink is a rum and coke, yum!



Hailing from Saugerties, New York we have one of our newest bartenders Kirk. Kirk can always put a smile on your face and makes for great company. Kirks favorite drink is a tequila sode! Come hang out with him sometime.


Born in Baton Rouge and Gulf Coast raised, Jason is a professionally trained chef with a flair for mixing drinks as well. His favorite drink to make is a Cucumber-Lime Martini. Perfect for quenching your thirst on even the warmest of New Orleans mornings!!


Daniel is one of our new hires. He's a great worker with great charisma. Don't let the glasses fool you as he's not one to be messed with. Also fun fact, his favorite drink is a water with a lemon!


Terri came to us from Wichita, Kansas the birthplace of Pizza Hut! She is our Dancing Diva with the voice of an angel! She Hosts Karaoke here at Cafe Lafitte on Wednesdays and at Rawhide on Sundays both at 9pm!


Shane is a man of mystery, a man of secrets. He can sometimes be seen on the weekends bartending. Elusive is a man named Shane.